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WHL &BRK WI600 for 1.5'' AXLE


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MATCO mfg produces this outstanding 600X6 wheel with a triple piston I Series brake assembly. The WI600XLT configuration is specifically for the WHLAXLE6i installation. This wheel and brake assembly is designed for use on high performance aircraft over 2,000 pounds that require maximum braking dynamics.


The WI600XLT Series wheels are a 600X6 inch wheel manufactured to tire and rim specifications. They have a 6.53 inch width for the wheel and brake with additional 1.61-inch caliper clearance. Bearing spacing is 3.53 inches and axle spacing is 1.49 inches. The bearing axle diameter is 1.50 inches.   Installation on WHLAXLE6i axle assembly assures alignment since the bearing stops are machined in to the axle.  The stock brake plate has two 3/8 holes and 2 5/16 holes in rectangular pattern with 1.125 x 1.949.  Alternate spacing is also available


 The WI600 series wheels are cast utilizing a 535.2 aluminum alloy for superior strength and corrosion resistance. This alloy provides a lightweight wheel and affords many years of efficient performance. The WI600 Series wheel utilizes a 1.5” tapered roller bearing that is rigorously tested and designed to resist bearing fatigue providing long bearing life. The WI600 series wheel also features a triple piston I Series brake assembly. The WI600XT and WI600XLT boast three 1.50-inch pistons for maximum torque.  The WHLWI600XLT-2 is specifically modified to ease installation on the RV-10 aircraft.  The I Series caliper provides for simplified removal of the brake shoes for relining.  The use of the WHLARV10SL axle sleeve is recommended to simplify the installation on the RV-10 Axle.  A washer is required under the axle nut.  New installations can use the MSCTRA1.5.  Retrofit installation should use the thinner MSCTRA2435.  (Axle spacer and washers are ordered separately below)

  The machining on this wheel produces a clean smooth surface to accommodate a variety of commercial tires to including Goodyear, McCreary, Michelin, and others. The WI600XT and WI600XLT series wheel can be used in conjunction with the A6 bolt on axle for ease of installation. The A6 axle is manufactured using 2024-T351-T4 alloys and has a bolt hole circle of 2.25 to match the Cessna bolt hole pattern.     The -1 & -2 configurations have shorter bearing spacing for installation on PA-18 style axles.  The -2 configuration has the required bolt pattern for the RV-10 installation and caliper orientation.

  A key feature of the WI600 Series wheels and brakes is the use of the thicker M66-105 lining to provide more wear life and greater availability.  MATCO mfg uses the latest generation friction material for the longest life and best performance.  As with all MATCO mfg brakes, the SwiftLine pad replacement program is available for faster relining and reduced cost.



The WHLW600XLT is designed for the following standards:

Static Capacity 1860 LBS
Load Limit 5580 LBS
Maximum Accelerate/Stop Kinetic Energy 225000 ft-lb
Torque Rating (@450 PSI) 6441 in-lb

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