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Master Cylinder,Hand Operated MC-10

Remote Reservoir, 3 Outlet positions

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MATCO mfg's MCMC-10 master cylinder uses a REMOTE reservoir. The MCMC-10 can be used in individual or dual brake applications. Buna-n o-rings are used in this assembly. Mil-H-5606 aircraft hydraulic fluid or compatible fluids are reccomended. DOT5 may be used but not DOT5.1 which contains glycol. DOT3 and DOT4 may not be used and will cause immediate damage to the seals.

The design of the MCMC-10 allows the pressure cylinder to be oriented to allow the inlet and outlet ports to face left, forward, or to the right side relative to the handle.  The unit can be paired with multiple MCMC-10 units or with the MCMC-7 as the reservoir and first unit. )


The MCMC-10 master cylinder measures 8.7 inches long and 1.75 inches at the widest point.  A 0.688 inch diameter piston is used. Available stroke is approximately 0.7 inches and displacement is 0.25 cubic inches. The ports on all MATCO mfg master cylinders are 1/8 inch NPT (except the MC-4E).

The MC-10 hand operated master cylinder replaces all versions of the MCMC-7S and is designed to be stick mounted in any orientation. It measures about 5.5 inches from the centerlin of the mounting to the end of the hand lever.  It is designed to accomidate control sticks up to 1.0 inches in diameter. This new product features a closed hydraulic system that connects to a remote reservoir while still allowing the hydraulic system to self- adjust. The MC-10 may be connected in series with the MC-7 or other self adjusting master cylinders.  The MC-10 is designed to be serviced and bled in the installed position (bleeding before installation may be prefered for some mounting orientations). It is black anodized and uses 1/8 inch NPT fittings. A unique feature of the MC-10 is the pressure cylinder is able to be rotated to one of 3 positions to best suit the aircraft installation requirements. Like all MATCO mfg master cylinders, this system uses Mil-H-5606 hydraulic fluid


Search Filters: Bore: 0.688, Cyl Wt (lbs): 0.77, Displace: 0.25, Overall Length: 8.25, Reservoir Style: REMOTE, Stroke: 0.7
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