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MATCO mfg's MCMC-4NC master cylinder uses a REMOTE reservoir. The MCMC-4NC can be used in individual or dual brake applications. Buna-n orings are used in this assembly. Mil-H-5606 aircraft hydraulic fluid or compatible fluids are reccomended. DOT5 may be used but not DOT5.1 which contains glycol. DOT3 and DOT4 may not be used and will cause immediate damage to the seals.


The MCMC-4NC master cylinder measures 7.55 inches from end to end and 7.25 inches from mounting hole to the end of the shaft. A 0.625 inch diameter piston is used. Available stroke is approximately 1.388 inches and displacement is 0.43 cubic inches. The ports on all MATCO mfg master cylinders are 1/8 inch NPT (except the MC-4E).

The MC-4NC is the same as the MC-4 except with no adjustable clevis.  It comes with two jamnuts on the 5/16-24 threaded end.  Thread length is 0.888 inch

Search Filters: Bore: 0.625, Cyl Wt (lbs): 0.42, Displace: 0.43, Reservoir Style: REMOTE, Stroke: 1.388

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